Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

In almost any supply chain, packaging plays an important role. As a consultative, solutions-focused organization, SPG works with customers to maximize supply chain efficiency from beginning to end.

Packaging Design

Improvements to secondary packaging often have extraordinary impact on supply chain management. For example, a different interior cushioning approach leads to a smaller shipping carton, which leads to a more efficient cube out and lower transportation costs. Or, a more intelligent labeling system produces faster and more accurate product identification, reducing shipping and receiving errors. Our consultative services, along with our CAD design expertise and ability to produce samples and prototypes, enable us to create, test and then implement design changes as quickly as our customers want to move.


The introduction or upgrading of packaging automation affects the supply chain at both the production line and end-of-line operations. Efficient shrink wrapping systems, for instance, remove bottlenecks from the primary packaging process; innovative pallet stretch wrap systems eliminate manual labor, increase unit integrity and may also increase truck/rail loading speed. Our decades of experience in primary and secondary packaging automation, along with our close relationships with equipment manufacturers, enable us to quickly identify areas for improvement and implement solutions.

Warehousing, Fulfillment and Distribution

Our fulfillment operations give customers tremendous flexibility in their supply chain management. By leveraging our expertise in product packaging, kitting, display manufacturing and assembly, storage, and final destination shipping, your organization can improve delivery speed and accuracy, while simultaneously regaining space and time within your facility that can be devoted to production or other essential operations.


In most any supply chain, packaging procurement can become a procedural bottleneck and an operational liability. We work closely with customers to solve both problems. First, we implement systems to streamline ordering and replenishment, and consolidate invoices. Second, we implement inventory management systems such as JIT or onsite inventory programs, in order to reduce inventory levels, eliminate stock-outs, and reduce internal labor costs. All of these activities add up to faster and more accurate procurement.


A supply chain becomes more efficient when it is able to reduce, reuse, and recycle packaging materials – things we help our customers do every day. Reducing packaging materials is a guiding principle in our approach to packaging design. Systems to reuse packaging can take many forms; for instance, upgrading to a multiwall shipping carton or replacing cartons with recyclable totes in a closed-loop delivery system. For recycling, we help customers arrange for paper and plastic-based products to be removed from their location or their customers’ locations for recycling.


This overview touches on only a few examples of how SPG can assist you with supply chain management. If you would like to discuss your specific needs, please contact us today. We are eager to be of assistance.