Specialty Tapes

Our team of product specialists can help you create custom printed carton sealing tapes and a myriad of specialty tapes for your product and packaging applications. Printed tapes offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Easier, visual product identification
  • Brand messaging on the packaging or product
  • Improved product and package appearance

In the vast majority of applications, these advantages more than offset the relatively modest cost of the custom printed tape itself. As packaging solutions providers, we will help you evaluate your potential printed application thoroughly, helping you to uncover ways to make your operation more efficient with printed tape alternatives.

Why SPG?

You can buy carton sealing tape anywhere – so why SPG? Here is a brief rundown of what separates us from the pack. We hope you’ll contact us to learn more – we are eager to be of assistance.

Decades of Experience

Companies in a wide array of industries have worked with us to improve their tape purchasing and performance. No challenge is too demanding for us to take on.

Focus on Customer Service

Our customers look for more than price; they demand a strong, professional relationship and a high service commitment at all times. We strive to treat every customer like our only customer.

Breadth of Packaging Expertise

We work extensively in manufacturing and distribution center environments, where demanding carton sealing tape applications are common. In addition, our intimate knowledge of carton sealing automation allows us more accurately identify the best tape options. Unlike product-line specialists with a narrow view of your application, we consider your operation as a whole, so an improvement in one area doesn’t cause difficulties in another.

Range of Services

Tape is just another packaging product – until you consider everything you need to go along with it. Because we add value to your purchase by backing it up with testing services, procurement options, warehousing, fulfillment, and more, your efficiency goes up and your total cost goes down.