Corrugated Packaging


A corrugated carton is the centerpiece of secondary packaging. Without a cost-effective and reliable shipping container, most, if not all, of the value of your primary packaging and secondary packaging materials will be cancelled out. Take advantage of our decades of corrugated experience and expertise, and our full product offering, to procure corrugated cartons that minimize your cost and maximize your efficiency.

You can buy corrugated cartons anywhere – so why SPG?

Die-cut Corrugated Cartons

Die-cuts are often more economical to manufacture and more consistent than RSCs. They can eliminate the need for interior packaging and allow for more efficient shipping and storage.

Style Options

While RSCs are the most common and often the most efficient corrugated shipping carton style, we help you explore options. Often, an HSC, FOL or other alternate style will significantly reduce cost and increase efficiency. Also consider adjustable-depth boxes, tuck mailers, storage boxes, Gaylord boxes and mailing tubes for special applications.

Printed Corrugated Cartons

Printing is a great way to promote your brand and provide easy product identification. Our high quality graphics are available with printing up to four colors.

Board Construction Options

Which construction is best for your corrugated carton – single wall, double wall, or triple wall? In some cases, the higher cost of a multiwall case is more than offset by reduced damage, fewer returns, and the elimination of interior packaging materials.

Stock Corrugated Cartons

Stock size shipping boxes facilitate more flexible procurement and often result in significant material cost reduction.

Why SPG?

You can buy corrugated cartons anywhere – so why SPG? Here is a brief rundown of what separates us from the pack. We hope you’ll contact us to learn more – we are eager to be of assistance.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We have two corrugated manufacturing facilities, giving us tremendous quality control and service flexibility.

Decades of Experience

Companies in a wide array of industries have worked with us to improve their corrugated carton purchasing and performance. No challenge is too demanding for us to take on.

Focus on Customer Service

Our customers look for more than price; they demand a strong, professional relationship and a high service commitment at all times. We strive to treat every customer like our only customer.

Breadth of Packaging Expertise

Understanding carton closure systems and palletizing systems helps us identify the best corrugated carton options. Unlike product-line specialists with a narrow view of your application, we consider your operation as a whole, so an improvement in one area doesn’t cause difficulties in another.

Range of Services

A box is just a box – until you consider everything you need to go along with it. Because we add value to your corrugated cartons by backing them up with design/sample services, procurement options, warehousing, fulfillment, and more, your efficiency goes up and your total cost goes down.