Films / Flexible Packaging


Stretch wrap film, introduced in the 1970s, is still the most efficient way to palletize or unitize a load. However, since film technology never stands still, maximizing your packaging efficiency and minimizing cost requires ongoing film evaluation.

With a wide selection of stretch wrap films and experience with stretch film machines, we can help you sort through the options. Our product offering includes:

  • Anti-static Films
  • Extended Core Films
  • Hand Wrapping Films
  • Machine Films
  • Opaque Films
  • Pre-stretched Films
  • Printed Films
  • Stretch Netting
  • Tinted Films

Small Stretch Improvements Are Big

Remember: Even a small improvement in stretch percentage may produce thousands of dollars in annual savings. And even a slight improvement in holding force may eliminate costly product damage that puts your customer relationships in jeopardy. Don’t let your bottom line performance slip out the door with your stretch wrapped loads; instead, work with us to achieve the very best in stretch wrap film price and performance.

Why SPG?

You can buy stretch wrap film anywhere – so why SPG? Here is a brief rundown of what separates us from the pack. We hope you’ll contact us to learn more – we are eager to be of assistance.

Decades of Experience

Companies in a wide array of industries have worked with us to improve their stretch film purchasing and performance. No challenge is too demanding for us to take on.

Focus on Customer Service

Our customers look for more than price; they demand a strong, professional relationship and a high service commitment at all times. We strive to treat every customer like our only customer.

Breadth of Packaging Expertise

Understanding stretch film machine systems helps us identify the best film options. Unlike product-line specialists with a narrow view of your application, we consider your operation as a whole, so an improvement in one area doesn’t cause difficulties in another.

Range of Services

Stretch film is just stretch film – until you consider everything you need to go along with it. Because we add value to your film purchase by backing it up with testing services, procurement options, warehousing, fulfillment, and more, your efficiency goes up and your total cost goes down.