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Case Forming

Case Forming Equipment

Although case formers do a simple job – erecting shipping boxes – they are deceptively complex pieces of packaging equipment. With a lot of moving parts and sophisticated controls, the right case former speeds production, saves space once occupied by manually pre-formed cases, and enables packaging line employees to devote time to more productive activities.

The wrong case former, on the other hand, is a source of continual bottlenecks and performance issues. And because there are so many options, it takes a reliable, experienced packaging automation partner like SPG to make the right choice.

Case Forming Equipment Types

Our case forming equipment lines include two of the best, most highly regarded manufacturers in the industry, including Wexxar/BEL. This company is known for innovation, elegant engineering and durable construction. It has equipment options for small, manual lines and high volume, 24/7 operations. Options include:

  • Fully automatic case erectors
  • Semi-automatic case erectors
  • Fully automatic and semi-automatic tray, and bliss-style formers

One Source for Case Forming -- and Cases

SPG stands apart from other case former suppliers because we manufacture and distribute corrugated containers, giving you the option of coming to us for both your case former and the cases that run through it. Post-installation, this can be enormously beneficial. If there is ever a performance issue, you will never be in a position where the equipment manufacturer blames the corrugated supplier, and vice-versa. As your single source for case forming automation, we can assume full responsibility for equipment and cases.

Please contact us today to discuss case forming opportunities in your operation – we are eager to help.