Packaging Equipment Partners

SPG works with the best packaging equipment manufacturers in the industry. Our key strategic partners include the following companies.

Sharp Packaging

For automatic bagging, Sharp Packaging is recognized worldwide for quality, durability and uncomplicated engineering. A few key data points about Sharp Packaging:

  • Established in 1984
  • Headquarters in Sussex, WI, with locations in Tempe, AZ and East Troy, WI
  • Makes semi-automatic and fully automatic systems
  • All parts are non-proprietary, off the shelf items

Orion Packaging

Orion Packaging is one of the world’s oldest and most highly respected manufacturers of automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers. Their equipment is known for quality, durability and reliable performance. Key data points about Orion Packaging:

  • Established more than 30 years ago
  • Uses many non-proprietary, off the shelf parts
  • Best of class warranty
  • Compact, flexible design

Wexxar Packaging

Since 1977, Wexxar Packaging, now better known as Wexxar/BEL, has been making high quality case erecting, case sealing and tray forming machinery for corrugated container packaging. There is virtually no erecting or sealing application for which Wexxar Packaging has not engineered a solution. A few key data points:

  • Joined forces with Belcor in 2005
  • Known worldwide for innovation
  • Many machines still running after 20 years
  • Customers in 40 countries, from Fortune 500 companies to single-line manufacturers


If you’d like to discuss your packaging equipment needs for Sharp Packaging, Orion Packaging, Wexxar Packaging or another line, please contact us today. We are eager to learn about your application(s) and determine if we can be of assistance.