Our manufacturing operations encompass a wide variety of packaging materials, including corrugated, plastic, and paper corrugated material as well as plain and printed shipping cartons, trays, sheets, partitions, pads, and displays. These products are produced on high-speed equipment including flat and rotary die cut machines and flexo-folder gluers.

Service Flexibility

Our equipment and operation is geared for maximum flexibility, with the ability to handle small and large runs economically. If your requirements change continually, or if you are in ramp-up or ramp-down mode with a product or product line, SPG is an ideal manufacturing partner. We can supply items consistently and competitively in widely varying production volumes.

Design, Samples, Prototypes

Let our expert designers work with you to design the most efficient packaging necessary for your application. If you need samples, prototypes, or small production runs for testing, we can accomplish almost any request on our state-of-the-art CAD table.

Service to Mexico

With manufacturing facilities in El Paso, TX, and manufacturing operation across the border in Juarez, Mexico, SPG is extremely well positioned to support your operations on either side of the border.

Why SPG?