Our Team

Jim Owens
Jim is the CEO of Shamrock Packaging Group. Jim has over thirty years of sales and operations leadership experience in the field of packaging and provides the company vision and strategic direction on all company initiatives and directives. Jim is assisted in this effort by his team below:
Michael Sengstock
Mike is the Executive VP of Sales and Marketing for Shamrock Packaging Group. Mike has over twenty-five years of experience leading sales and marketing teams in the packaging industry, cultivating relationships, and generating results.
Michael Carroll
Mike works as an Industrial Packaging Specialist for Shamrock and in this role he is primarily responsible for business / sales growth for the company. Mike has over twenty-eight years of packaging experience cultivating business relationships in the Midwest.
Penny Seeds
Penny is the Customer Service Manager for Shamrock Packaging Group. She has been with the company for over ten years and has over twenty-five years of experience providing excellent customer service.
Rick Sherman
Rick is a Business Development Manager for Shamrock Packaging specializing in flexible packaging. Rick has over thirty years of experience in the packaging industry, both in manufacturing management as well as sales positions.