JIT Delivery Program

JIT delivery programs are widely desired for packaging materials, but SPG is one of the few packaging companies with the experience, expertise, and infrastructure to actually execute one:

  • Experience. For decades, we have been structuring and executing complex JIT delivery programs for demanding companies in a multitude of industrial manufacturing and distribution sectors.
  • Expertise. All of this experience has taught us what works and what does not work in a JIT delivery program. Take advantage of our hard-earned knowledge to accelerate the ROI of your program.
  • Infrastructure. Our strategically located distribution facilities allow us to ship in variable quantities with great efficiency and economy. Our manufacturing capabilities take cost out of the supply chain and maintain a high level of control over delivery time. Our close, strategic relationships with third-party manufacturers enable us to develop highly customized replenishment schedules that provide tremendous flexibility in managing min/max levels.


If you are interested in exploring the potential for a JIT delivery program in your operation, please contact us today. We are eager to learn more about your requirements and determine if JIT can have a positive bottom line impact on your operation.