Films / Flexible Packaging


Flexible Packaging

Film packaging is widely used in primary and secondary packaging operations – everything from complex lidding film and barrier film applications to relatively simple pallet stretch wrapping. Whether your flexible packaging requirements are large or small, SPG has the experience in film technology and film packaging automation to support you before and after the sale. Our many product lines include:

  • Stretch wrap
  • Shrink polyolefin/shrink bundling film
  • Barrier and specialty films, printed and laminated structures, monolayer polyethylene films
  • Standard poly bags, and specialty pouches

Total Film Packaging Support

  • Film Testing. Packaging film technology changes rapidly. In order to maintain your competitive edge and keep your packaging operation running at full speed, product testing is an ongoing activity. Count on us to bring you new films and design concepts so you can give them a full evaluation – before your competitors do.
  • Automation Expertise. In addition to our experience in flexible packaging films, we work on stretch film, shrink film and bundling films for automation projects. Our familiarity with flexible packaging automation and integration enable us to recommend films and increase your packaging line efficiencies and yields.
  • Industry Experience. Many of our customers are in manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and distribution – all sectors where film packaging is widely used. Take advantage of our experience to discover new flexible packaging solutions to those lingering, hard-to-solve film problems.

If you’d like to discuss your flexible packaging requirements, please contact us today. We are eager to be of assistance.