A custom label offers several advantages over a stock product. Among the major benefits:

  • Improved product appearance. In some cases, a stock label is like fitting a square peg in a round hole. A custom label, in the optimum size and with high quality printing, will give your product more shelf appeal.
  • Improved packaging line efficiency. Stock labels work best in low-volume, manual applications. If your business is growing or needs labeling to keep up with rapid production rates, a custom label in the correct size and put-up will prevent bottlenecks.
  • Reduced cost. Economics vary from application to application, but in many situations, custom labels can substantially reduce material cost.

SPG labeling/product identification specialists specialists will work your team to develop custom label solutions for:

  • Direct thermal labels
  • Thermal transfer labels
  • Custom labels of all types

A custom label from SPG will be consistent and high quality, in both the printing and overall consistency and reliability.

How to Find a Custom Label Solution, Not Just a Product

Rely on our broad packaging experience to help you identify applications where custom labels can improve your packaging efficiency and reduce cost.

  • We can review areas of your packaging operation where stock labels are being used and look for alternatives.
  • We can review areas where custom labels are being used and recommend better options.
  • We can also look at areas where no labels are being used, and consider a custom label as an alternative to ink-jet printing or a printed carton or bag.

Please contact us now to discuss all of your labeling needs. We are ready, willing, and able to be of assistance.