Equipment Types

Stretch Wrap

Pallet Stretch Wrap Equipment

Selecting the right stretch wrap machine delivers a host of benefits to your operation, including:

  • Reducing stretch wrap costs by 50% or more, producing as much as tens of thousands of dollars in savings
  • Greatly increasing the holding force on your palletized or unitized load, preventing shifting and damage
  • Reducing wrap time from minutes to seconds
  • Improving ergonomics and enhancing safety by eliminating repetitive manual tasks
  • Improving space utilization and workflow

Because there are so many options for a stretch wrap machine, it is important to partner with an experienced, focused automation specialist – SPG! We’ve helped hundreds of companies select, install and maintain stretch wrappers in every industrial scenario imaginable: from small shipping docks to high volume, round-the clock operations; from simple, uniform loads to irregular, ultra-heavy configurations; from virtually unbreakable products to fragile items like glass and cookies. You name it – we've wrapped it.

Stretch Wrap Machine Types

We represent best-of-class manufacturers of stretch wrap machines, including Orion, one of the most respected and experienced firms in the industry. Orion equipment is noted for rugged construction, high quality components and innovative engineering.

Our stretch wrap machine options include:

  • Portable Automatic Stretch Wrap Systems
  • Rotary Tower Automatic Systems
  • Turntable Systems
  • Semi-Automatic Systems
  • Orbital Systems
  • Specialized Systems, including:
    • Conveyorized turntable options
    • Six-sided wrapping
    • Window and door wrapping
    • Roll wrapping
    • Top sheet dispensing, semi- and fully automatic
    • Edge protector application
    • Multi-station rotary wrapping


Please contact us today to discuss your stretch wrap automation needs – We are ready, willing and able to assist.